Purposes of writing a memo to your boss

The photo that got Stacey Snyder into trouble, because of its caption:

Purposes of writing a memo to your boss

January 2, at 3: Is anybody in danger? Is it resulting in a problem for somebody else that a manager should know about?

What should I say to my boss when coworkers tattle on me?

Is it going to hurt the organization? Anonymous January 2, at 4: When they needed me, I obviously was rusty. There were one specific TINY detail I missed consistently and during a quality control check the person overseeing my work who is pretty much a direct peer gave me 26 errors. Anonymous January 2, at 8: However, this was literally data entry.

Hen you create and account you have the drop down option to select a persons title.

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I fully would expect that to be comminuted ayes as the end of the world. KarenT I know that everyone on this board believes every little function in their job results in a haptic meltdown if it is neglected.

ARS January 4, at 1: The person who reported it to the manager probably should have talked to the OP first. Instead of just dealing with what is probably a minor issue in person, they create a scene.

Heather June 1, at 8: How do the tattletales know OP is unapproachable? Have they gone to her and received a nasty response? Or have they just decided to tell everything that everyone but themselves does wrong?

How about if the boss writes up a memo and says that customer service should keep in the persons title? How about train both areas the same way? How about adults act like adults and communicate with each other without getting their knickers twisted because someone did not do something the way they do?

Jamie January 2, at 5: There is a difference between multiple errors and sloppy work and one omission made consistently which shows a part of the process needing to be addressed and not sloppy work. Joey January 2, at 4: Now sometimes petty things turn into bigger issues when they happen too frequently.

The only way to find out more definitively is to raise it with your boss and talk about some examples until you have a better feel for her expectations.

Kelly O January 2, at 4: Those are all factors that directly affect the way you approach dealing with smaller issues. Joey Ah, but whether it should be a concern and whether or not its petty is ultimately for the boss to decide.

ChristineH January 2, at 5: I had one data entry job that involved entering product information on human tissue that included very specific measurements for labeling purposes.You're free to use the Common Draft materials (which are copyrighted) in accordance with the following license; all of the following permissions are given on the express condition that you agree to the Cautions below..

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purposes of writing a memo to your boss

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